Great food, Great price & Great delivery service..
Elaine Wong
Ordered a day earlier as per price stated, but upon delivery paid the discounted rate of 41%! Thats a excellent deal! Love the beef, chicken, leaf green, and the packing!! Yummy deal is the word!!!
Karen Tan
Ice Vinz
Gin Wong
Great deals and worth atleast to spend time with ☺
Radhika Letchumi
Awesome Delivery.Food test GOOD
Mohd Zaki Ab Razab
Great prices, fast, friendly service, quick delivery and delicious food.
Leanne Lee
♡@love it♡
Kar Yee
On time delivery, delivered to my office dy but we still not reach the lunch time yet, the smell make me hungry. LOL. Thumbs up for your team.
Jessica Lu
Till now Ive ordered 10 times through Shogun2u. So far I dont feel regret ordering from them. Most of the times they reach either earlier or on time to my office, just couple of times they reached us 30 minutes to 1 hour delay which I can comprehend it which is due to large order from me or increasing numbers of customers ordering during the promotion period. No matter what, Im thankful for the delivery service. Thumbs up for them
C C Tan Fion