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The Star Publication – Dining Out
7th Oct 2015
Meals delivered to your doorstep
Deciding what and where to eat can be a nightmare. You find yourself ‘scrambling’ to find parking, traffic is jammed up and you’re hungry. What’s worse is you’ve arrived at your favourite food stall and find that there is no parking space. It can’t get any worse than this. Well, it could if say - the weather is burning hot, it starts raining cats and dogs or the haze literally chokes you. You’d rather stay indoors. This is what a group of people faced and wanted to do something about it – permanently.
Shogun2U was born in the hope of becoming a go-to place for “diners” who would like to have their favourite food in the comfort of their own home minus the hassle. From the Saisaki brand being the “Grandfather” of Japanese Buffets in Malaysia to the Shogun brand that has one of the widest ranges of buffet choices for the whole family, Shogun2U is a new addition to the Saisaki family that aims to bring your favourite food right to your doorstep.
Shogun2U’s beliefs are simple – to bring affordable chef-prepared food right to your doorstep. Its impressive team of award-winning chefs comes together to create the best meals and best varieties at an affordable price. Shogun2U operates from their very own central kitchen where it works with the freshest ingredients. “We are able to offer more affordable meals to our customers as working from our own kitchen has made it more cost effective for us,” says Saisaki Group chairman and Shogun2U founder Dato’ Sri Michael Chong.  
As of today, Shogun2U now offers Japanese meals, Korean meals, Chinese meals, Desserts, Beverages and its latest edition – Nyutori meals. Shogun2U Nyutori offers healthier meals for the more health-conscious group of customers. Nyutori ニュートリ simply represents nutritious and wholesome meals. It has teamed up with leading healthy food delivery service – The Naked Lunchbox in coming up with new vegetarian and paleo meals. This range offers gluten-free and dairy-free too with no added sugar, less oil, low sodium, and the use of olive oil and sea salt just as what is offered at The Naked Lunchbox. All Shogun2U meals do not contain any MSG or preservatives too, so you can be rest assured that you will be receiving the best of what they have to offer.
Prices for mains start from RM9.90 onwards, desserts from RM5.80 onwards and beverages from RM1.50 onwards. Delivery is free for all registered members with a minimum order of RM25. Their delivery team covers a wide range of areas including Cyberjaya and Serdang among the main Klang Valley areas. 
Log on to to order now. For enquiries call Colin @ 018-288 0222
The Star Publication – Dining Out
2th Sep 2015
Tasty sushi at your doorstep
POPULAR Japanese buffet outlets, Saisaki in Wisma UOA, KL and Shogun in both 1 Utama, Bandar Utama and Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, have branched out into a new concept in reaching out to its customers.
The newly formed – just shy of two months old – is not a delivery service and not a restaurant, as owner Datuk Seri Michael Chong (pic) categorically and steadfastly defined.
“It could very well be the third generation in food business.”
According to Chong, the first generation in food and delivery business probably dated back 20 or 30 years, when a restaurant began delivery services for those ordering from the immediate vicinity. “If their restaurant is in SS2, they deliver to SS2, around that area,” he said.
The second generation refers to a courier service for restaurants like Food Panda.
Shogun2U is basically a central kitchen that prepares food delivery only for most parts of the Klang Valley.
In its headquarters off Jalan Kuchai Lama, the central kitchen receives the orders that are made via the website, prepares the food, packs them in tasteful and sturdy packaging, before sending them out according to orders.
Its online menu ( lists Japanese, Korean and classic Chinese dishes – all of which are compiled by all seven of the head chefs of the Saisaki and Shogun restaurants.
For example, the latest invention is the healthy Japanese Nasi Lemak – a savoury and spicy fusion of fried battered squid and chicken, premium Japanese short-grained rice, garnished with Japanese cucumber and special spicy sambal sauce. The sambal became a “showdown” among the seven chefs as they strive for the best-tasting sambal to go with the dish.
Wide choices
Shogun2U's menu has a la carte mains of individual Japanese, Korean and even classic Chinese and include dishes such as Salmon Teriyaki, Unagi Kabayaki, veggie Bibimbap, double boiled Ginseng Chicken Soup and assorted Sushi. Customers can add on from the X’tras or side orders such as Edamame, Chukka Idako, Gyoza or Shishamo.
The beverages range from chrysanthemum tea to sea coconut longan, which are all slow-boiled herbal drinks and lightly sweetened.
Delectable desserts
The desserts include Hokkaido cheese cakes, Matcha cream puffs, Mochi, various tarts and Black Sesame Cheese roll, and there are also combo meals for groups of about three people.
Once the food is ready packed, the delivery riders on standby will deliver the orders. That is why the headquarters at Jalan Kuchai Lama is crucial as a central kitchen. It holds the storage, does the cakes and bakeries for the group’s restaurants in KL, PJ and Sunway, and it is central to these outlets.
As Shogun2U is an e-commerce business – like Lazada, Zalora, Uber and MyTeksi – it is fully online.
“If you want to contact us, that can be done via the online chat,” Chong said.
Shogun2U is largely active on Facebook where it touches base with customers on a daily basis with promotions and fun updates.
Quality food
Equally important as the quality of food are the integrity and the reliability of its young fleet of trained dedicated delivery riders.
“I believe before customers see the food, they will first see the delivery person.
“First impressions are important – so if people like the delivery person because he is polite, smiling and upbeat, they are generally more positive of the food,” Chong added.
Shogun2U plans to expand its services by opening central kitchens up north in Penang, south in Johor, and possibly Kota Kinabalu.
It may even spread to Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore, with each city having its own central kitchen.
Currently, Shogun2U services to places as far out as Kepong, Kajang, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Ampang, Shah Alam and all places within these areas.
Klang, though, is not on the list but that may change in the future.
* For more information, to register (registered members get a delivery waiver on their receipt) and to order visit

9th Oct 2015
New online food delivery service serves variety of fusion dishes
SHOGUN2U, a new online food delivery platform, promises tasty and affordable meals prepared by top chefs sent right to your doorstep. It serves fusion Japanese, Korean, Chinese and local cuisine. The menu comprises a la carte offerings, side dishes, desserts and beverages.
Combo meals are also available for larger crowds. Popular dishes include Japanese-style Nasi Lemak, Korean Spicy Chicken and Double-boiled Ginseng Chicken Soup. Promotions are available every day, so customers can enjoy attractive discounts upon ordering. The price ranges from RM1.80 to RM99.80 for combo meals.
“Our customers are very important to us and we make sure we deliver the best in every meal prepared,” said Shogun2U founder Datuk Seri Michael Chong during the celebration of Shogun’s RM1mil sale at the Shogun Saisaki restaurant in 1Utama, Petaling Jaya recently. Chong has run diversified companies from car dealerships to the Saisaki and Shogun chain of restaurants, of which Shogun2U is his latest brain-child. For Shogun2U, Chong had adopted a new e-commerce business model for lunch and dinner meals on wheels.
Shogun2U had recorded sales of RM1mil in just three months. The company’s growth has been mainly been driven through Facebook. Shogun2U’s main kitchen is located in Kuala Lumpur and its delivery hub is constructed next to it so packaging and logistics can be done concurrently.
“The demand has exceeded our expectations. We are focusing on being a leader for affordable and high quality meals delivered to your doorstep within the next one to two years,” said Chong.
He later launched Shogun2U’s latest sushi set for a limited time called Sushi Panda. It will be available only to the first 500 customers.
For details, log on to  or Facebook: Shogun2U. For enquiries or phone orders, call 018-288 0111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111

KOSMO– Events
5TH Oct 2015

Oriental Daily:

Utusan Malaysia:

Karya Seni Sushi
Seni Hiasan Makanan
Kemahiran yang cuba ditampilkan di Restoran Shogun berjaya menghasilkan sushi berupa seekor anak panda dalam masa tidak sampai satu minit membuktikan bahawa kreativiti serta seni tangan memainkan peranan penting untuk berkarya. Tidak kira apa juga medium yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan karya tersebut, secara tidak langsung menunjukkan bahawa seseorang itu perlu pandai berimaginasi seterusnya merealisasikannya dalam bentuk fizikal.
Kenyataan tersebut disokong oleh Ketua Chef Grand Saisaki, Chef Tambi Shah Abdul Rashid, 43, yang ditemui pada majlis demostrasi bagaimana makanan boleh dijadikan seni di pusat beli-belah One Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, baru- baru ini. Ternyata pengalamannya selama 16 tahun dalam bidang makanan dan minuman (F&B) tidak disia-siakan apabila dia berjaya memukau pengunjung dengan kreativiti serta ketangkasan tangannya.
Turut menjelaskan seni pembuatan sushi adalah berasaskan kepada golongan kanak-kanak terutamanya untuk menikmati juadah tersebut, ia juga secara tidak langsung membuatkan orang ramai lebih berselera menikmati hidangan tersebut. Tidak hanya terhad kepada satu-satu dekorasi, Chef Tambi memberitahu, salah satu ciri khas pembuatan dekorasi makanan itu adalah saat gulungan sushi dipotong di mana ia akan menampakkan motif seperti pohon, burung, helicopter dan sebagainya, bergantung pada kreativiti seseorang individu tersebut.
Bagaimanapun, ulas anak jati Negeri Sembilan ini, bukan mudah untuk menguasai teknik tersebut, malah dia sendiri mengambil masa untuk memahirkan diri.
  “Seni hiasan makanan sebenarnya tidak jauh larinya daripada seni hiasan yang dihasilkan di atas sekeping kanvas. Kemahiran serta kreativiti menjadi elemen penting.
  “Walaupun seseorang itu berkemahiran serta kreatif, tetap mengambil masa untuk menguasainya dalam bidang makanan.
  “Tetapi apabila segala-galanya telah dikuasai, ia akan menjadi mudah hingga mampu menghasilkan pelbagai bentuk menarik dan memukau,” ujarnya lagi.
Mengakui mendapat tunjuk ajar daripada tujuh orang chef dari Jepun dalam bidang tersebut, Chef Tambi Shah menjelaskan untuk seseorang itu mahir perlu banyak berlatih di samping selalu mencuba. Tidak hanya terhad kepada penggunaan gumpalan nasi bersama rumpai laut, dekorasi sushi juga boleh menggunakan bahan –bahan lain seperti nasi masam, tofu, nori, keju, lobak, dan timun. Untuk menjadikan sushi tersebut lebih menarik, boleh ditambah dengan perhiasan yang dihasilkan daripada labu putar, pelbagai sayur-sayuran, dan juga buah-buahan.
Juga tidak hanya boleh dinikmati dengan kicap khas dan wasabi, sushi juga enak dimakan dengan kari ayam Jepun yang istimewa. Rasanya berbeza dengan kari di Malaysia kerana tidak pedas, sebaliknya berasa manis bersama campuran herba-herba serta kentang potongan dadu.
Sementara itu, pada majlis yang sama, Shogun2U turut diperkenalkan kepada umum walaupun telah berada di pasaran dalam talian selama tiga bulan, berjaya mencatatkan hasil jualan sebanyak RM1 juta, Shogun2U adalah patform makanan dalam talian bagi penghantaran hidangan sajian Asia yang enak dengan harga mampu milik.
Ingin merapatkan jurang antara hidangan masakan restoran dan masakan rumah di samping memberi definisi baru dalam industry makanan, kemudahan yang ditawarkan Shogun2U kepada orang ramai ini amat berbaloi kerana selain mampu menjimatkan masa setiap jenis makanan yang ditawarkan juga berkualiti tinggi.
Menggabungkan Ketua Chef Shogun Saisaki yang berbakat dalam bidang masakan, hidangan masakan campuran gaya Jepun, Korea, dan Cina ini dihantar ke pintu rumah atau pejabat dengan hanya satu klik.
Jadi kepada mereka yang ingin memcuba masakan serta perkhimatan yang disediakan Shogun2U bolehlah kunjungi untuk maktumat lanjut.
Published by Utusan Malaysia – Mega (Mode); 23rd Oct 2015.
TimeOut (Msia) Kids – S2U Food Art

The Star – Variety is online food delivery
Shogun2U Leads the Pack In Variety For Online Food Delivery Services
Shogun2U, a leader in online food delivery is committed to service their diverse clientele taste preferences through whipping out exciting new dishes weekly. These dishes are formulated to spice up the menu using internal “Master Chef” competitions among the chefs where they out-cook, out-wit and out-beat each other.
A wider range of food variety for all the dishes enables customers to fully enjoy the meals with attractive discounts to satisfy their taste buds. Especially for this holiday season, the chefs have whip up several new amazing dishes to the menu such as Fettuccine Chicken Bolognaise (Western), Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce (Chinese) and Royale Green Curry Chicken (Thai). Grilled salmon steak in lemon sauce served with sautéed potato onions and greens is rich in flavours and are among some of the recommended meals from the chef for a well balanced, healthy meal.
Sweet treats like the delightfully rich fun size cheese tarts with a touch of Raspberry sauce, fresh from the oven, marble cheese cake and creamy hazelnut puff are among the scrumptious choices for desserts.
Shogun2U founder Dato’ Sri Michael Chong said “Each week, our chefs create new dishes for us to try out and we picked only the best for our customers. Based on the high requests online, I am extremely excited to be expanding soon in more parts of Malaysia. We are committed to bring customers the best in every meal delivered”.
Shogun2U, a leader in online food delivery serve a mixed fusion of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, Thai and Nyutori cuisines. An assortment of healthy beverages and yummy desserts are also available daily. Another new upcoming category to take note during the festive season is Steamboat2U! Customers can enjoy a steamboat in the comfort of their homes without all the fuss over shopping for ingredients and preparation in the kitchen. A range of Miso, Tom Yam or Double Boiled Superior Chicken Soup as broth base served with assortment of fresh vegetables, seafood, meat and a variety of homemade ingredients will be included in the packages. Targeted at young couples, students, families and all who can enjoy the pleasure of dinning at home.
Over months of rapid success, they are giving back to the community through Shogun Share initiative to help aspiring home cooks profit from their cooking. To know more, drop an email to or call 018-288 0999 for more information.
“We view ShogunShare as a win-win initiative for us. We are grateful for our rapid growth within a few months and thought it would be useful to support aspiring home cooks during this downturn. In the end, our customers also win because they benefit from being able to enjoy a wider range of home cooked dishes too. ” said Chong.
Visit to register as Premium Member for free delivery services or log on to for weekly food promotions and updates. Hot line numbers to call 018-288 0111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111 /6111 /7111.
Published by The Star – Christmas Special; 4th Dec 2015

Royale Green Curry Chicken and Fettuccine Bolognaise (right) are some of the popular dishes on Shogun2U online delivery service for the festive season.

The Star – ShogunShare your culinary dream
Shogun2U unleashes availability of home cooks with “Shogun Share” CSR Initiative
During the recent haze, Chuen had to close down his chicken rice store. Disappointed, he looked for a job. But thanks to ShogunShare, Chuen now continues to create his delicious chicken rice sets and reach out to a bigger market, provided by Shogun2U.
ShogunShare provides the platform for aspiring cooks like Chuen to continue profiting from their passion, but by cooking at home instead. It’s a social responsibility initiative by Shogun2U.  Chuen crafted two chicken rice dishes for ShogunShare: Silky Smooth Chicken Rice and Roasted to Perfection Chicken Rice.
Another ShogunShare advocate is Pei Qi, who used to sell convenient salads in a bottle, termed Pasta Shaker, by the roadside. Now, after collaborating with Shogun2U, she has increased her sales by 30% by being able to reach out to people in Facebook, who order through Shogun2U website.
Another interesting story is Datin Hasnah, who loves whipping up most flavoursome local delights at home. Now, retired with more free time, she is looking to profit from her cooking, hence she registered with ShogunShare to market her dishes. Famous within her area, she is known to make the most mouth-watering Laksa Sarawak and deliciously flavourful Laksa Johor, as well as Nasi Ayam Tomato and Nasi Ayam Penyet.
Shogun2U initiated ShogunShare for aspiring home cooks in town as a way to help them market, package and deliver their dishes during these challenging times. Home cooks can focus on cooking delicious dishes and pastries while Shogun2U – which already runs a successful online food delivery business – supports them in marketing, promotions, packaging and delivery to their clients.
“We view ShogunShare as a win-win initiative for us,”  said Shogun2U founder Dato’ Sri Michael Chong. “We are grateful for our rapid growth within a few months and thought it would be useful to support aspiring home cooks during this downturn. In the end, our customers also win because they benefit from being able to enjoy a wider range of home cooked dishes too.”
Shogun2U is an online food platform for delivery of tasty and affordable meals from top Chefs right to your doorstep. It serves a mixed of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, Thai and Nyutori cuisines and combo sets with scrumptious desserts and healthy beverages.
Rainbow Temaki Pack, Thai Chicken Rice and Nyutori Combo meals are some the newest tasty dishes added to the menu. Rainbow Temaki Pack are colourful vinegar sushi hand rolls filled with Japanese cucumber, eggs, crabstick and yellow pickled radish that are delicious when dipped into Shoyu sauce and Wasabi. Juicy, tender quarter chicken thigh to dip with authentic Thai chilli sauce, served with Calrose rice and salad on the side makes a flavoursome Thai Chicken Rice for your lunch or dinner meals. For a healthier choice, Nyutori Combo Meals is an assortment of four revitalizing salads; Hokkaido Spring-time, Kobe Idako, Nagoya Toriyaki and Okinawa Sake to be enjoyed with aloe vera drinks.
If you are interested to be part of ShogunShare so that you can profit from your cooking, drop an email to or call 018-288 0999 for more information.
Visit us now at to register for free food delivery or log on to for weekly food promotions and updates.
Call 018-288 0111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111 / 6111 / 7111 for enquiries.
Published by The Star – Dinning Out; 2nd Dec 2015

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