Excellent customer service and the food has always been excellent , Very tasty, good presentation, Thanks Shogun2U :)
Lillesh Prasad
Never late... Good services however I would like to suggest more menu for Japanese food.
Chak On Zulkifli
good food,affordable price and most of all excellent customer service..keep it up
Puvendren Joseph
Ordered before 10.30am, delivered around 1.55pm. Although the delivery time is a bit consuming, but the foods are great! Hopefully Shogun2U will speed up the delivery speed~ Thanks~
Sharon Chan
I ordered desserts tonight but its spoiled when delivered to my doorstep. I left a comment on Shogun2U page and immediately they took action and responded to my complaint, and follow up accordingly. Fast & prompt action taken without any delay. Within an hour, replacement reached to me, in good and nice condition. Bravo! Good job. I will continue support Shogun2U.Thx for providing food delivery to my neighbourhood and serving delicious & tasty food with reasonably price.
Christy Chong
Been ordering since it was launched last year. Not even 1 month i missed ordering your delivery service and all my experiences did not disappoint me. Even if there was a few problems on my order, the customer services and delivery boys are very polite to apologize and fix the issues i encountered. Frankly speaking, even if i order any fast food delivery they will not fix any issues such as missing items or wrong delivery or etc but Shogun2u team are very responsible and they would do their level best to make sure that their customers feel happy with their services including me :) I bet if ordering through any other fast food delivery they will surely ignore my complaints and etc. I can see how they improve their service since day 1 till now. Thank you for the awesome service and hopefully Shogun2u will be more successful in the future and thank you for the monthly promotions given.
Vanessa Palaniappan
People keep complaining about the service or whatever but they are forgetting that food delivery itself is a damn privilege. I ve ordered many times. Had only one problem and its not even worth mentioning.
Jordan Yung
Thank you for your best deal forever. I think shogun delivery better then FoodPanda,KFC and MCD. Because i order shogun2u if heavy rain also shogun2u will delivery my meal, If MCD or KFC they do not delivery our meal. Im appreciate with the service.Thank you again Shogun.Our family love you always
Mona Gasolina Moon
On time delivery and portion is appropriate with not small. 26 March 2016
Fong Wei Wong
good food,affordable price and most of all excellent customer service..keep it up 9 April 2016
Puvendren Joseph