excellent customer service by Ms Nisha! & thanks for the CNY buy1free1 deal
Winston Chiu
如果有机会的话,要试看里面的每一样食品喔! 嘿嘿
Lau Stanley
Perfect i very like ^^
Bùi Hoàng Nhi
Customer care is very caring and efficient :))))))
Shirleen Tan
1. Great customer service, my area was not in the ordering system, so I have a chat with their online CS and they immediately added my area in the system! CS name is Sarah, polite, helpful and fast response. 2. Great delivery service, even tho it was late for around 30 minutes, but the delivery guy did called me beforehand that he may be late due to heavy rain, thumb up for him because its quite dangerous, glad he reached safely. 3. The foods may look expensive at first glance, but its actually cheaper than regular restaurants with the buy 1 free 1 promo and 40% discount. Definitely recommended.
Chee Woei
Semua pesanan sy order menepati citarasa.. dan saya nak order untuk next... good services shogun2u See Translation
Zaidalifah Aisheteru
satu2nya food delivery yang masuk ke kampung saya....terima kasih shogun2u kerana sudi buka route ke rumah saya...takderlah mereput tengok orang bandar order makanan online ...sesekali ada rasa malas jugak nak masak...dan paling best juga shogun2u pun ada banyak pilihan makanan ...senang nak plan kalau ada tetamu datang....thanks shogun2u..u make my day osemmmm
Saidila Abdul Rahman
tempoh delivery cepat, banyak pilihan makanan.. sedap.. menepati citarasa dan saya suka service dari Shogun2u..
Anil Wanina
very good service and fast response, customer service team very helpful. keep it up, cheers. Highly recommended to all my friends and relatives.
Jesslyn Piong
Nice food and good delivery services~worth to try~
JiaQi Kuek