About Us

History of Shogun
Back in the 1990s, Saisaki emerged as the first Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Malaysia, or better known as the Grandfather of all Japanese buffet in the country. It was designed for the premium market. Then came Shogun, the second generation after Saisaki, is suited for a much larger crowd. Together, both brands served over more than 200 varieties of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, Thai and local cuisines. The third generation following these two brands is Shogun2U. In this fast-paced digital world, Shogun2U is the most affordable online food delivery service.

Third Generation Evolution – Shogun2U
Shogun2U wants to disrupt your lunch and dinner meals by bringing to your doorstep tasty, high quality and affordable chef-prepared meals. We give you the best of both worlds- high quality and tasty dishes with fresh ingredients enjoyed at household budgets. We make the life of people with busy work schedules and adventurous palates easier. Just select and order from a mixed of fusion Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes. To complete your meal, we have a selection of scrumptious desserts and beverages to enjoy at great savings. You can indulge in delectable chef-prepared meals at home or at your office.

Our Mission – High Quality Meals Delivered To Your Door Steps
Great food with affordable price should be made accessible to everyone. We re-define the food industry by bringing to your doorstep chef-prepared meals and bridge the gap between restaurant cuisines and home cooking. Pre-booking meals weekly is a useful and forward planning feature that you can use to order your meals up to two weeks in advance. With this feature, you can worry no more as the meals will be delivered to you - like clock work. It’s trouble-free and reasonably priced.
Our Speciality - Chef Prepared Meals Made Affordable
Our team of culinary experts have exceptional experiences in the food industry. They have received awards to recognize their cooking proficiency, appeared on the local television show and previously worked for distinguished companies and functions.
Our tasty, high quality and affordable chef prepared meals is convenient and reliable. We ensure to deliver the best in every meal.

Our Vision – Asia and Beyond
Shogun2U inculcates the Malaysian spirit of ‘Can Do’ and believes that anything is possible with the right attitude. We combine Shogun Saisaki’s Head Chefs and culinary talent with high quality ingredients and menus delivered directly to the doorstep with a click of a button.
We plan to expand the business across Asia and become a leader in the online food delivery industry.